By starting my herd from scratch, we had the ability to choose the type of cattle we wanted to raise. Being an analytical person it was exciting to research the different breeds. Our decision was to run Angus cattle. Now our next decision was Black or Red. We slept on this decision for quite some time but Red Angus always seemed to be coming out on top.

The key advantages of Red Angus in my mind were:

If you would like to learn more

The Red Angus Association does an excellent job of providing information and discussing the advantages of Red Angus Cattle. Click on the below link to view a short video on:

In addition you can visit the Red Angus Association by clicking this link.

OUR Experience to date:

In Summary, I am very pleased with the Red Angus breed, the Red Angus Association, and the help and counsel we have received from our fellow Red Angus breeders. We have never looked back or second guessed our decision to raise Red Angus cattle. Each of the advantages initially listed have been verified. As a side note, we have some Black Angus Commercial Cows that are used as recip cows. On hot days they typically "tree up" 30 minutes earlier in the heat of the day and stay in shade 30 minutes longer in the evening. And, most of them do not have the sweet disposition of our Red Cows. Red Angus get the seal of approval from our ranch.