10 Fancy registered Red Angus Fall Bred Heifers

Seven are out of our ET program. Five are daughters of Pie One of a Kind 352 and are age advantaged as they were born in May and held for our Fall Program. All are set out of AI or ET sires. We bred 60 heifers in this group with a 60 day exposure and these are calving later than we prefer.

City/State: Florence, Kansas
Quantity: 10
Color: 8 red, 2 Black-red Carriers
Weight: 900-1150 est
Age: 17-22 months
Bred Date: Bulls out 1-8-19
Calving Date: 9-20-19 to 10-16-19 (Pregnancy Check)
Bangs Vaccinated. Through Vaccination Program.

Animal ID
Bred To
700 - SOLD
Rhodes 352 Abigrace 700
100% AR
704- - SOLD
Rhodes 352 Abigrace 704
100% AR
707 - SOLD
Rhodes 352 Abigrace 707
100% AR
708 - SOLD
Rhodes 352 Abigrace 708
100% AR
713 - SOLD
Rhodes 352 MS Sarah 713
100% AR
Rhodes U199 Adina 4039-779
100% AR
Rhodes E27 Black Adina 782
100% AR
E202 - SOLD
Rhodes Y1334 Red Sadie E202
100% AR
Rhodes 5682 Black Rose E261
100% AR
Rhodes A1965 Connie E277
100% AR

Natural Service Sires

7701E - 3750733
744 - 3720865





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Rhodes Red Angus

Fall Female Fiesta Sale
October 4th, 2015 :: Emporia, Kansas
Auctioneer: Kyle Gilchrist
Sale Management: Cattle In Demand

Category Average
29 Fall Bred Cows $4,009
17 Fall Bred Heifers $4,433
31 Fall Open Heifer Calves


26 Spring Bred Cows $3,493
10 Spring Bred Cows $3,950
10 Spring Open Heifer Calves $2,780
123 Total Lots $3,679 $452,500

Rhodes Red Angus Fall Female Fiesta Sale was held October 4th in Emporia, Kansas at the Eby Ranch Sale Facility.  A great crowd was in attendance for this tremendous offering of foundation Red Angus genetics.  Progressive breeders from 14 different States and Canada selected cattle!

Dwight Harper of Missouri selected lot 10, RHODES ET U199 ABBY 478, the September 21, 2014 daughter of BUF CRK THE RIGHT KIND U199, for $8,000.  Lots 11 and 56 were both selected by Chris Holloway of Mississippi for $8,000 a piece.  Lot 11, RHODES RED SADIE 900B is a September 8, 2014 daughter of LSF NIGHT CALVER 9921W.  BIEBER ROSE 267X is the MESSMER PACKER S008 daughter who sold as lot 56.  Solution Genetics of Iowa selected lot 27, RHODES 911U ABIGRACE 126A, a daughter of RED NOTHLINE ROCK STAR 911U for $7250.  The RED SSS SOLDIER 365W daughter A-1 PATTY 3083 sold as lot 131 to York Creek Red Angus of Nebraska for $7,000.  The Bowling Hereford and Red Angus Ranch selected the March 18, 2014 daughter of HSCC COLLEGE FUND 14Y, HARMONY WINDSONG 224 that sold as lot 107 for $5250.  

Rhodes Red Angus also participated in the UTI/MMM Event held the day prior in Emporia, Kansas.  The high selling lot in this event was Lot 43 RHODES AUSTINA 918B. This September 27, 2014 daughter of RED BRYLOR EBERLE 50Y commanded $27,500 and was selected by Wade St. John of Gainesville, Texas.  The evening before the sale she was selected as the Champion Futurity Female for 2015 in both the Junior and Open division.  RHODES ET 26P TARMILY 405 sold as lot 47A and was purchased by the Bowling Ranch of Blackwell, Oklahoma for $6,250.

Additionally, Darryl and Susie Rhodes graciously donated the proceeds from the Lot 1 female RHODES ET 125Y TESS 80, a daughter of SLGN YARDMASTER 125Y, to the Wounded Warrior Project.  With the help of CoBank, and several generous Red Angus breeders and enthusiasts $24,000 was raised for the cause!


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2014 Female SALE REPORT

May 20, 2014---Emporia, Kansas
Sale managed by:
Jered Shipman, Todd and Holly Alford
Sale Auctioneer: Kyle Gilchrist

3  Donor cows $10,166
43 Fall Bred Registered 1A cows $2772
10 Spring registered pairs $3985
13 Fall Bred registered 1A heifers $3165
40 Fall open registered 1A heifer calves $1746
12 Fall commercial bred crossbred heifers $2200
14 Fall open commercial heifer calves $1496

Top Selling lots
Top selling cow at $20,000 was lot 3 purchased by Wildcat Creek Ranch of Newton, Ks.  She is a Ole's Oscar X Enterprise 1370H.  Second high selling cow at $6,000 was Lot 2 and was purchased by Gaylon Stocksen of Medford, Ok.  She is a Julian B571 X Cody. The third high selling cow went to Cabernet Cattle Co. of Pomeroy, WA.  She was lot 21 and a Basin Salute 7537 X LCC Cherokee Canyon

The top selling registered Spring pair was $7,000 for lot 40 by the Hereafter Cattle Co. of Douds, Ia.  She is a Badlands Design 225 X DFRA Rocker 425.  She had a March heifer calf at side by Real Deal Z672.  The second high seller was lot 31 for $5,000 to Reid Stranberg of Buffalo, SD.  She is a Romeo P159 X Buffalo Creek Lancaster M108 and had a March bull calf at side by Tool Time 1102Y

The highest selling Fall Bred heifer was lot 47 for $4100 to Chris Swain of Sarasota, FL.  She is a Packer X Stalburn Kindle 10K.  The second high seller was lot 41 for $4,000 to Route 9 Red Angus of Mackinaw, IL.  She is a Packer X Mulberry 26P

The highest selling Fall open heifer calf was lot 72 for $3200 to Rippling A of Lanark, IL.  She is a September line bred Packer daughter.  The second high seller was a September heifer calf at lot 78 for $2600 to Englewood farms of Lancaster, KY.  She is a Julian 84S X Major League.  The third high selling open heifer calf went to Frank Zermeno of Goldwaithe, TX.  She sold for $2250 as lot 64 and is a Julian 84S X Jupiter S207.

High selling Fall Bred Commercial  cows were the Lot F group at $2700 to TY-BE Farms of Newbern, TN,  These were 2010 red angus X hereford cows.  The second high selling commercial lot was a group of half sisters out of red angus cows and the Revolution hereford bull at Genex.  They were lot N and sold for $2600.  The third  high selling commercial females were Lot E purchased by Alan Jaax of El Dorado, KS for $2300.  These were 2010 Red Angus  fall bred cows.  The high selling Spring Commercial heifers went to King-Maxey at $1800 and the high selling Fall open commercial heifer calves went the same way for $1650.

The volume registered female buyers were TY-BE Farms of Newbern, TN with 13 head.  Englewood Farms of Lancaster, KY bought 11 head and Frank Zermeno of Goldwaithe bought 10 head.    The volume buyers of commercial females were King-Maxey of Harrison, AR with 23 head and Brooks Reid of Bosworth, MO with 17 head.  David Marple of Buffalo, KS  purchased 13 head of registered and commercial females.

Females sold into 16 states and into Canada.  The sale proceeds of the semen donated by Rhodes Red Angus to the Red Angus Junior organizations was $1650.


Sale Report: 2013 Production Sale

Rhodes Red Angus, LLC.
Fall Calving Female Fiesta Sale
June 23, 2013  --   Emporia, Kansas


50 Weaned Heifer Calves $1,825
20 Bred Heifers    $2,683
51 Mature Cows $2,498
36 Commercial heifer calves $1,082
38 Commercial mature cows  $1,807

The Darryl Rhodes family hosted the first ever Rhodes Red Angus, LLC.’s production sale on Saturday June 23, 2013 at the Eby Ranch Facility outside of Emporia, Kansas.  A strong, vibrant crowd was both on hand and tuned in with DVAuction via the internet for this event.    The auction was dominated by Bachman Cattle Farms of Chillicothe, Missouri which was the volume registered buyer with their purchase of 16 registered females including the top 3 selling open heifers, the top selling and co-second high selling bred heifers and the top 3 selling mature cows.  Bowling Herefords of Maple City, Kansas was the other buyer of the second high selling bred heifer.

Topping the sale at $6,000 was Lot 154, Basin Dakel 5140 BR -- a February 2005 Energizer 2222 X Basin Hobo 79E daughter bred to Six Mile Win-chester 745W.  Also at $6,000 was Lot 81, the top selling bred heifer by HXC Conquest 4405P X Fischer Meets Specs 7540, bred to Buf Crk The Right Kind.  At $5,250, Lot 101 was the third high seller, a LCB Jewel Maker N155 X Copeleys Little Chief September 2006 cow bred to Six Mile Win-chester 745W. The Lot 15 open heifer was fourth high seller at $4,900.  She was an August 2012 Messmer Packer X Buf Crk Romeo P159 daughter.   The Lot 117 cow sold for $4,750 and was a LJC Lancer 806 X Brown Vacation H7106 female bred to Six Mile Win-chester 745W. $4,500 was the selling price of the Lot 21 open heifer, a September 2012 daughter of 5L Destination 893-6215 X BFCK Cherokee Cnyn 4912.  These six top selling lots were all purchased by Bachman Cattle Farms – Chillicothe, MO. 

Bowling Herefords – Maple City, Kansas purchased Lot 83 at $4,000.  She was a Bieber Makin Hay 9913 X Glacier Logan 210 daughter bred to Buf Crk The Right Kind.  The next two lots were purchased by Bachman Cattle Farms and included Lot 85 at $4,000 and Lot 4 at $3,750.  Lot 85 was  a February 2011 Hust Chief Sequoya R336 X Scott Big Casino M05 daughter bred to Brown Supreme X7878.  Lot 4 was an August 2012 open heifer by Big Sky R9 X Messmer Packer S008.

The commercial females were well received with the volume buyer being Newley Hutchison / Chain Ranch of Canton, Oklahoma with his purchase of 26 head.   In all, cattle sold into 14 states including:  Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas and Wisconsin.  The auction was managed by Lisa & Kyle Gilchrist / Gilchrist Auction Co.--  Douds, Iowa. The semen donated by Rhodes Red Angus to the Red Angus Juniors brought $1150.

REGISTERED FEMALE VOLUME BUYERS WERE:  16 head-Scott Bachman of Bachman Cattle Farms, Chillcothe, MO; 10 head-Adam Grieser, Hesston, KS; 6 head-Steve Koester, Steele, ND; Courtney Bowden, Baraboo, WI; and William (Jerry) Leake, Raywick, KY; 5 head- Mark Kistler, Atchinson, KS; Josh Becker, Beaver City, NE; Jerry Groves, Logansport, LA; Kevin Gibson, Hallsville, TX; and Tony Perkins, Partridge, KS.

COMMERCIAL FEMALE VOLUME BUYERS WERE:  26 head- Newley Hutchinson of Chain Ranch, Canton, OK; 11 head- Brooks Reid, Bosworth, Mo; 10 head- Dale Pair, Wichita, KS; and Mitch McLaughlin, Chickamauga, GA.